Dear Diary,

Most people expect me to have changed because of stardom. The truth is, success only changes those who haven’t been expecting it. If overachievement is built in to your life-plan, then it’s easy not to get thrown off course by sudden and momentous fame.

I find I walk through the Quadrant shopping centre imagining a film crew is following me. I developed this habit long before anyone wanted to turn my life into a film. Perhaps this is why I am so natural on-screen -- being in the presence of a real film crew was nothing more than having my imagination brought to life. I will say that, in reality, there wasn’t the witty banter and good-humoured practical jokes that I have with my imaginary cameraman and director. I am a riot, on set, in my mind.

Still, I made some good friends and am now comfortable with a cornucopia of new terms: rushes, dollies, gaffers and also: ‘magic hour.’ This is a time just after dawn and just before dusk when everybody moves up one notch on the scale of attractiveness. Twice a day, for a few fleeting moments, I am a 7.8.

As part of the publicity for the film, I have been lucky enough to share exquisite canapes with some big names. I pretended to be a giant while eating a tiny burger beside Harvey Weinstein. I became an actual giant next to Bruce Willis. That is the other thing about the movie business. Everyone is surprisingly small. Everyone.


P.s. Have you noticed that my name – in the above abbreviated form – looks like someone raising one hand for a high-five?