You have a pump-action tankard of 40 + Banana Boat sun cream that you brought back from Australia.

You slaver your feet in cream, then you work up your calves, over your knees and just under the hem of your shorts. Your legs shimmer.

You cover your arms, up to the shoulder. Then your neck and finally, your face, paying particular attention to your nose, ears and eyelids.

You have never been the sort of person who applies moisturiser in a sensuous way.

Alex is now almost entirely in sunlight. Putting on the cream has made you feel frisky. You would like to kiss Alex.

You lie down next to Alex, skin against skin in the sunshine. You kiss Alex’s bare shoulder. Alex looks across at you and kisses you on the lips.

“You smell of sun cream.”

Alex kisses you again, longer, biting your lip a little.

You put your hand on Alex’s back, you go under the T-shirt.

Alex lets the book close and turns toward you.

You are both entirely in sunlight, kissing on tartan.

You close your eyes – the sun on your eyelids. Red blotches melt and shift.

Do you:

  1. continue making out
  2. suggest that you and Alex go back to yours